Google Analytics Consultancy Services

Without accurate data, digital marketing is guesswork

Growing your business online will come from making the right digital marketing decisions. To make good decisions it’s imperative to ensure you’re basing them on reliable and accurate data that you can trust. Even then accuracy alone is great, but to get the most out of your valuable data it also has to be relevant and actionable.

Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics platform as its free and relatively easy to set up. However the “out the box” configuration of Google Analytics doesn’t take into consideration your business needs and website set up.

We provide Google Analytics consultancy to help you pick what data to capture, how to implement it, how to ensure its accuracy, and how to use it to get insights that can be actioned, leading to growth.

It’s time to supercharge your Google Analytics and get the value out of your data!

Google Analtyics Audit

You’re probably here for one of two reasons; you suspect your Google Analytics data is incorrect or you know it is wrong. In either case, we’re here to help you with the problem and give you the confidence in the data to make solid digital marketing decisions.

Our Google Analytics Audi is a comprehensive assessment of your current Google Analytics Configuration and implementation. We’ll be looking into all areas of the set up, some of the specific areas we’ll look into include page tracking code, cross domain tracking, account structure, campaign tracking, funnel visualisation, goals, view settings, filters, ecommerce accuracy and more…

We’re also not just looking at data accuracy, we want you to get the most out of Google Analytics so will advise of best practice opportunities to help with your requirements.

The outcome will be a comprehensive report outlining the issues and opportunities. We’ll run you through the report and you can either ask us to action the changes or do them yourself. We can work with your developers to ensure the treatments aren’t lost in translation.

By the end of it all, you’ll have a Google Analytics set up that is accurate, relevant and useful that you’re confident to make good business decisions from.

Google Analytics Set Up & Installation

Right now you may not have Google Analytics installed on your site, but you’ve heard about how valuable the data from GA can be. However maybe you’re not a super geek and unsure how to install the tool correctly and to best suit your needs… we’re here to help with that.

From standard to fully custom Google Analytics installations with work arounds and hacks to supercharge the data we’ve done hundreds of installs for our clients to ensure they’re correctly tracking all the data they need for their business’s needs.

Google Tag Manager Installation

Using Google Tag Manager results in faster turnaround when adding tracking to your website combined with reduce IT and development overheads. We can help set up your Google Tag Manager to allow you to reap the benefit the tool has to offer.

We’ve been using Google Tag Manager since its creation, so we’ve got about as much experience as it comes. Theres so many tips and tricks within GTM its crazy not to use it. For some clients we handle just the initial set up and deployment for others we create bespoke datalayers, trigger rules and macros to really open up Pandora’s box!

Ready to supercharge your Google Analytics?